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Excellent job!

Dezignare India executed interior work for our Villa at Adarsh Palm Retreat, Outer Ring road. Anil and their team did an excellent job starting from design, execution and completion of project on time and with in the budget. They were very flexible in changing the design even at the later stage. I would like to recommended their work and professionalism. Thank you Anil/team.

– Brahasita / Subbarao D
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Brahasita/Subbarao D

Adarsh Palm Retreat

Spent enough time!

The interior work for our apartment in Adarsh Palm Retreat was done by Dezignare India. The overall engagement was very good . They spent enough time with us during design work and they kept in touch with us regularly during execution, they were flexible when we asked for some changes while they were doing the work. The end product came out really well and lot of our relatives said the house looks great and inquired about the designer who did the interior work. Thank you Dezignare India team.

– Vidya / Shanmugam Ramanathan
Adarsh Palm Retreat


Adarsh Palm Retreat

Work done with highest quality!

It had been a pleasure to work Anil & his team – while getting the interiors of my villa done. Always eager to get the work done with highest quality possible, Anil had been proactive in setting up the right expectation from a quality, workmanship as well as cost perspective. His team had been flexible in accommodating changes as well making sure every request is attended to, with perfection. A job well done and that too with a smile! I will recommend Anil &his team for any high quality interior work.

– Sangeeta / HaridasPai 
Vaishnavi Orchid


Vaishnavi Orchid

Quality has been the best!

Dezignare India is one of the finest interior in Bangalore. I got my full apartment interior done by them. They have good options, from budget to high end, available. Their staff is courteous and its very comfortable to interact with them. It was delivered on time. Quality has been the best. I didn’t have to approach them for any issues till date which explains the quality of the material used.

– Anu/Joshi George


Anu/Joshi George


Outstanding job!

Dezignare India did an outstanding job of completing the interiors of our Villa in Bangalore. The work was done very well and was appreciated by everyone who saw it. Thanks team Dezignare India, and all the very best.

– Leo Joseph
LGCL Villa


Leo Joseph

LGCL Villa

Excellent team work!

We are very satisfied with Dezignare India services offered to us. Innovative yet affordable designs and timely completion are the outcome of an excellent team work led by Mr. Anil Skariah at Dezignare India. We wish him all the success!

– AV Nair
Banyan Tree

AV Nair

Banyan Tree

Trustworthy and Friendly!

Anil is a trustworthy and friendly person to work with. Anil completed my interior work on committed time without making all chaos. Anil gave designs and estimates in detailed way and the work went only 10% out of the estimate. Overall satisfaction level of work is above expectation. I recommend Anil as a go ahead person. The fitting and fixtures quality was always as Anil commited during the agreement of work.

– Binoy Pulipra
Apartment in Mahadevpura

Binoy Pulipra

Apartment in Mahadevpura

Quality, Flexible, Very Receptive!

The Dezignare India team was hired after seeing the quality of the work they have done previously, good things, creative. No compromise on quality, flexible, very receptive.

– Eldose Paul
Skylark Arcadia

Eldose Paul

Skylark Arcadia


I would really like to recommend Dezignare India to any one who are looking for doing interior work for their new home / retrofitting something existing. Dezignare India did the complete interior work for my new house in K.R. Puram, Bangalore.
Here is what I really liked about Dezignare India services
1. Clearly understand your designs and ideas and executes them with very high quality.
2. Very flexible. I had changed some of the designs in the middle of the work and Mr.Anil was kind enough to absorb the changes without affecting the final schedule.
3. Very capable set of skilled workers.
4. I was super impressed with the Home Theater room built by the carpenters.
5. Very responsible with the deliverable and thrive their best to finish the work on time.
6. I have got their help for a recent retrofit and they did an excellent job. I would definitely go back to Dezignare India for any work related to my home in the future.

– John K. Antony
Independent Bungalow

John K. Antony

Independent Bungalow

Great experience & Passion!

It was great experience to work with Dezignare India. The passion they showed in getting the designs to perfection & executing on time with out cutting corners was commendable.  All the best to Anil and team.

Chithra Thomas / John Jose
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Chithra Thomas/ John Jose

Adarsh Palm Retreat

Work done has per the schedule!

The Interior Works of our Apartment in Nester Raga was done by Dezignare. The work was done as per schedule and we are happy with the quality and finishes. Anil and Team have a keen eye for detail and have a very practical and functional approach to the design. The final outcome was very satisfactory.

Deepthi Anand
Nester Raha

Deepthi Anand

Nester Raha

Efficient & Professional!

Dezignare India team is very efficient and professional. The quotes are also reasonable. They understand and incorporate specific needs of the customer and deliver on time as promised. Post completion issues are also duly addressed without delay which I feel is very important as some issues crop up only after you start living. Overall we are extremely happy with their team and recommend them.

– Srikanth Nimmagadda
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Srikanth Nimmagadda

Adarsh Palm Retreat

Quality of workmanship is excellent with their design ideas!

Over a year back we were looking for an interior designer firm who can do a high quality job for our house and after meeting couple of interior designers and deeply analyzing the details of their work at different stages of execution, we zeroed down at Dezignare India . Anil & team from Dezignare India were very good with their design ideas, they patiently understood & incorporated our needs, handled the whole execution very professionally & with sincerity. Their quality of workmanship is excellent and they promptly handles any after-sales issues / requirements.I would highly recommend them for home interiors.

– Roopesh Singh
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Roopesh Singh

Adarsh Palm Retreat

Convincing designs!

I was looking for an interior designer who could understand my taste and suggest designs for my new house. Dezignare India came closest among all and suggested convincing designs.Overall experience was good with learning on either side.

– Sandeep Thakur
The Gran Carmen Address Makers


Sandeep Thakur

The Gran Carmen Address Makers

Transparent in all communications, Excellent workmanship & Flexible!

We had a great experience with Anil’s Dezignare India team for doing the interiors of our house. Key aspects I would want to point out is :
1. Excellent workmanship and quality of input materials
2. Transparent in all communications
3. Support after completion of work and handover
4. Flexible in accommodating changes
Overall, a thorough professional team and strongly recommended.

– Sumesh Sadasivan
Concorde Cuppertino

Sumesh Sadasivan

Concorde Cuppertino

Strong execution capability!

Dezignare India is very professional in their service with a strong execution capability. We are extremely satisfied with their thoughtful and nice design ideas and the final finishing . During the commencement of the work, they were very committed and made sure that the work was executed with superior quality finishing and prompt response. I strongly recommend Dezignare India.

– Sushma Tiwary
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Sushma Tiwary

Adarsh Palm Retreat

Customized as per our requirements!

Nice work done by the Team Dezignare India. Customized as per our requirements. Still after two and half years guests appreciate the work done by this team. Thank you to Mr Anil for patiently listening and understanding our needs.

– Neeta Kavatkar
SNN Lake View

Neeta Kavatkar

SNN Lake View

Never stop short of appreciating!

Dezignare has created an interiors better than what we had dreamed of. Anil and his team were patient, supportive and suggested the right things through all the phases of design and execution. And the result – a beautiful house that each of our family members (and guests) never stop short of appreciating! We have been now living in the house for 5 months and don’t have any complaints. It is another matter that Anil and team are always readily available if anything needs to be fixed.

What I like about Dezignare?

1. Harmony in Design throughout the house to match our taste – Patience to bring about the right balance of suggestions from Dezignare and acceptance of our ideas during the design phase

2. Excellence in execution – they don’t cut corners with quality of material and finish. The finesse of the work finish, you can only see it to appreciate! 3. Cost – very reasonable for the work quality, labor and design effort

4. Quality – A good product delivered overall from the design and final work product perspective. Integrated delivery on most aspects of the interiors work through Dezignare was helpful

5. Customer service – very professional approach from the team and always willing to lend a hand despite the complexities of coordination.

What could have been better? Maybe, we could have done better in terms of timelines. But I take the majority of the blame since we were very specific in our choices as a family, asked for changes during execution, were late with our decisions. Looking at what we achieved as the final product, I would not really be concerned about a month or two extra that we invested in this project.

Kudos to Dezignare and wish them the very best!!

– Anupam Kumar
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Anupam Kumar

Adarsh Palm Retreat

Blending the meticulous execution!

When a customer has his own theme, the residential interior designing is all about carefully understanding this theme, and requirements in detail, working closely with the customer to incorporate change requests. Blending the meticulous execution while fine tuning the concept becomes the key expectation of interior designer firm. KlareLinie has successfully fulfilled this expectation in case of our Villa meant interior at Vaishnavi Orchids.

– Veeren Shetty
Vaishnavi Orchids

Veeren Shetty

Vaishnavi Orchids

Impressive designs!

When we decided to do interiors for our new villa, we had gone through a few other designers- either they were not matching our requirements or we didn’t like their ideas. Finally I discovered dezignare India on Google and they were professional in all regards. After understanding our requirements our designer Mr. Anil Ahuja gave us very impressive designs. The quality of material used was also as per the commitment made by them. Timely updates on the project were send to us through email with at ache photos. The team was very flexible in redesigning or doing changes. They have done excellent job and our home looks beautiful. We would like to thank Mr. Anil Skariah, Mr. Anil Ahuja and the team of Dezignare India for being helpful and cooperative. We wish them all the luck.

– Komal Arora
Vaishnavi Commune

Komal Arora

Vaishnavi Commune

Extremely creative, innovative and individualized!

Dezignare India is professional in every sense of the word. They handled everything from design to execution of our new home.Their work is extremely creative, innovative and individualized to reflect each clients personal style. They were able to take our ideas and transform them into reality! Its been a pleasure working with talented and hardworking Dezignare India team. We wholeheartedly recommend them!

Mr. Manoj Prasad
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Manoj Prasad

Adarsh Palm Retreat

Focused on Customer Satisfaction!

We contracted Anil’s Dezignare India for doing the interiors of our apartment at Adarsh Palm Retreat. Few things I would like to highlight about Dezignare:
1. Extremely focused on customer satisfaction
2. Very flexible – this is very important
3. Always available to help.
4. Extremely good quality raw materials
5. End to end project execution
I am very happy with the quality of workmanship.

– Mr. Suresh Nair
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Suresh Nair

Adarsh Palm Retreat

Satisfied with the quality of work!

Anil Skaria and team have done good work for my interiors. I am satisfied with the quality of work. It is within my budget. However, there is delay in completion of the work.

– G V Ravi
SNN Lake View

Professional Attitude, Highly Knowledgeable, Quality Workmanship!

We have known Dezignare India since year 2014. Since we visit India, a couple of weeks every year, we had no time for short listing an interior designer. We went ahead with our intuition combined with a visit to an existing client and awarded our home interior design to Dezignare. However it was a while before we confirmed the written order. In the interim period, the patience, follow-up and understanding shown towards our interior design requirements by Anil Skariah has been astounding. He has a capable and creative team at Dezignare India as they are able to quickly grasp our requirements in a single discussion. This reflects their expertise and experience in designing the interior of homes. Further they have displayed flexibility in their approach. They have assisted us in finding professionals to fulfill the other aspects of our home furnishing. The project was delivered within the defined timelines, even though we were not present in the immediate vicinity/ country to monitor the progress of the job. While Dezignare India appeals to a higher side of the wallet, one can be rest assured of quality workmanship and timely delivery of the end product.
We would highly recommend them for quality interior design consultancy. We are also pleased to know that they are diversifying their portfolio and wish them luck in their future endeavors.

– Nirmala Madtha and Anil Warang
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Will recommend the team anytime!

As a family we wanted a wooden finish to the house and most designers never understood our requirement. The team at Dezignare India along with Anil provided an excellent design/theme at the first go with a realistic budget to the whole planning.
Few points to highlight:
1. Anil would make visits to our house 2-3 times in a week and this gave us confidence in the work being personal to him .
2. The Quality of materials used was excellent and the ideas were always inspiring and went do easily with our theme.
4.In one of our bedroom after completion in 2010 we felt the need for a change right away in color and remember it was us who suggested the colors in first place still the Dezignare team understood our feeling of owning a new home and personally wanting to re-design. They were so flexible with the least push back and they gave us another theme and re-designed the who bedroom again – In fact we kept the old shade on the underpart of a cupboard just to keep this gratitude in our memories !!
5. The team was professional in the approach , at all times there was a supervisor daily available to monitor the workers and I would be asked my feedback regularly . I guess it was to track my feeling and that really made the whole process a great experience.”

– Bobby jacob
Keerthi Harmony

Dezignare India did a splendid job!

Dezignare India did a splendid job in our Penthouse at Akme Encore, Brooke-field. Truly awesome work that we cherish to see every day! Great job Anil & your team! Wishing Dezignare India the very best!

– Shyam
Akme Encore, Brooke-field

Dezignare did an outstanding job of completing the interiors!

Dezignare did an outstanding job of completing the interiors of our villa in Bangalore. The work was done very well and was appreciated by everyone who saw it. Thanks team Dezignare !! All the very best.”

– Anthony

Appreciate his sense of aesthetics!

Anil and his team did a superb job for my apartment in Sobha Cinnamon.Was co operative and skilful. Would definitely consider for further work.

Niranjan simha
Sobha Cinnamon

Project was delivered on time as per expectations!

Anil and his team did a great job at my Residence in HM Symphony – project was delivered on time as per expectations and after 3 yrs. I can state that quality of the work was very high since almost zero maintenance has been required so far. Highly recommended!!

– Pankaj Anand
HM Symphony

Delivering project on time is admirable

I appreciate the work done by Dezignare team.their commitment on delivering project on time is admirable. Anil also provide the service as per commitment.”

– Bikram

Recommend the team of Dezignare

It’s been almost 4 years since we had our interiors done by Dezignare. The quality of work has been exceptionally good, the workmanship of the carpenters was excellent and the service team
have been very responsive till date. I would recommend the team of Dezignare for their professionalism and excellence in what they do.

Mrs.Deepa Ravindran/Mr. Praveen
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Professional Work

Very professional work with excellent quality of workmanship. Very reliable and the quality of products used are superior. Overall very happy with the quality of the work.

Mrs/Mr. Venugopal
SLS Ramamurthy Nagar

Quality and workmanship of the interiors

Anil and Dezignare India team did the full interiors in my apartment at Adarsh Palm Retreat about 9 months back. They have excellent design ideas and provide end to end solution for the interiors. We are quite happy with the design , quality and workmanship of the interiors and have faced no issues post the work was completed in Dec 18.

Mrs/Mr. Sanjeev Gupta
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Appreciate leadership

They are professional, responsive and provide some great post work support for 6 months after handing over the project as well. Really appreciated Anil’s leadership and support here.

Mrs/Mr. Bobby Mon
Adarsh Palm Retreat

A satisfied customer

Rich rewards always flow from honest effort and hard work. Keep up the good work. A satisfied customer from Prestige Lakeside Habitat.

Mrs/Mr. Harsh Pandey
Prestige Lake Side Habitat

Thank you Dezignare India

Our newly constructed house at HSR layout has Good workmanship, elegant designing . Good staff . Thank you Dezignare India.

Mrs Shilpa/Mr. Suresh
Independent House in HSR layout

All the best for their future

We would like to thank Dezignare India for designing and executing the interiors of our house to match our needs and expectations. Our journey with them has been a pleasant one. They have much talented designers and master craftsmen who have the ability to execute variety of designs to a fine finish. We received personalised attention to the project which was important for us. We take this opportunity to wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

Dr./Mrs Ram Mohan Bhat
RBD Still waters-Villa

Fantastic Work

The Dezignare team were interior decorators for our apartment in Bangalore. They did a fantastic end to end job – from concept to completion. Very professional to deal with – it was a pleasure working with Anil and team. Highly recommend.

Mrs. Naveena/Mr. Anand Ramachandran
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Satisfied customer

A satisfied customer of Dezignare India-the interior works of my flat was completed beautifully, back in 2012…to be mentioned specifically, that the work quality is so good that the flat is as beautiful today also, as it was, when handed over…of course, well maintained by me over these years…

Rammurthy Nagar

Workmanship is excellent

Very happy with the designing team as well as the execution team. Quality of material and of workmanship is excellent. Genuine people thru and thru. Delivered what was promised.

Mrs. Hilda Fernades/Mr. Sunil Pillai

Dezignare India Team is well organised and very professional

Dezignare India Team is well organised and very professional. They gave us lot of design options and also jointly helped us in finalising the design for our entire house. Their ability to convert the design into reality is amazing. We appreciate the humbleness and patience of Mr. Anil Skariah during the execution period. Mr.Anil Ahuja, their chief designer is exceptionally talented and innovative as well. He came up with unique designs and also took a lot of effort in join us to chose the right materials to turn it into reality. Mr. Ayub did a fairly good job in executing the project. Dezignare India is a one stop solution for hassle free Interior design and execution. Our sincere thanks to the entire Dezignare Team.

Mrs.Ramya Devaiah/ Mrs. Shiv Devaiah
Adarsh Palm Retreat

Excellent Interior work

Dezignare India did the interiors for my 3BHK 2.5 years back. We chose to go with Dezignare after they were referred by my spouse’s colleague and we saw their work in other apartments. Till today, we are very happy with the interiors. The very high workmanship of the carpenters and the quality of materials used is very evident in the final outcome. Though the price might look high, but this is the cost one pays for the premium finish and quality we get anywhere. There are no hidden costs and what is quoted is what you pay. They are in the field for several years, getting quick support in case of maintenance or minor corrections is not an issue at all. Its very professionally run with skilled employees. Have recommended them to several of my acquaintances and friends in the past. If at all there is an area for improvement, it would be only the timely completion of the work.

Mrs/Mr. Ravikumar
Prestige Oakwood

Dezignare team work

The Dezignare team that worked on our project was very good. They are always at your service and for the most part, it is hassle free to work with them. We are happy with the final outcome of work and by their sincerity in attending to customers even after project completion. I would highly recommended Dezignare for interior complete solutions.

Mrs. Archana Nayar
Adarsh Palm Retreat